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    Additional Costs

    In addition to rent, you must also pay other utilities and incidental costs like heating, water, sewage, property tax, elevator, house cleaning, gardening, lighting, chimney cleaning, insurance, janitor, community antenna, washing facilities, etc. The tenant must only pay these costs in addition to rent if it has been effectively agreed upon in the rental agreement. If you live in ahouse with several appartments, these costs are transferred to house tenants according to a specific distribution key (either according to number of people living in the apartment or apartment size). If the rent is described using the word “warm”, then the price already includes heating costs. Otherwise, the listed rent is “cold” (“Kaltmiete”), i.e. the heating costs will be charged and paid for separately. If the trash fees are not included in the incidental costs, you can expect additional costs of around 150-200 € per year for a 4-person household, depending on the amount of garbage produced. 

    Electricity & Gas

    If electricity and gas aren’t covered by utilities in the rental agreement, the tenant must take care registering for these services themselves. There are many electricity and gas providers available. The registration for some providers takes places exclusively online. Electricity and gas bills are usually paid for monthly and calculated based on an estimated annual household consumption. The calculation of the exact use is shown in the year-end invoice, which will result in either a final payment to the electricity and gas provider or a credit / refund for the consumer. The monthly payments can be taken care of by bank transfer or direct debit (the provider is authorized to collect payment directly from the consumer’s bank account). 

    Waste Separation

    Germany places great value on waste separation. There are several different trash cans for different kinds of waste. It’s sometimes difficult to gain a clear overview of the somewhat complicated system, and intentional, incorrect waste management is punishable by fines. Therefore, we suggest asking your neighbors or the Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken when in doubt or if the entire idea of waste separation is unclear to you.


    The so called Kehrwoche is a typical Swabian tradition and it is important for a good relationship with your neighbors. It basically means that the tenants of a house take turns in cleaning the communal areas such as stairways and basements. Ask your neighbors about the system in your house and find out when it's your turn. 



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