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    Working and making a career

    The region Heilbronn-Franken is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany and excels with its one-of-a -kind sector mix.  About 64.000 companies are located in Heilbronn-Franken. The majority of these businesses are small- and medium-sized companies. Numerous companies achieved to become World Market Leader. Heilbronn-Franken is the “region of the world market leaders” with the highest density of world market leaders in Germany.

    Do you have any questions regarding the recognition of your foreign qualifications? Which are the bodies responsible for the recognition of foreign qualifications? We are happy to connect you with the network partners in charge just like informing you about possibilities of professional further education.

    What are channels for searching for a job for my partner? We will provide you with information about the requirements and demands of the local education and labor market and about the process of application.

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