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    How to apply successfully


    Tips for your written application

    Germany is a bureaucratic country - this rule also applies to written applications. An application in Germany is often much more extensive than in other countries. In addition to the curriculum vitae a cover letter adapted to the respective job advertisement is usually also required. The purpose of this cover letter is to convince HR managers that you are the right person for the vacancy and that you are an enrichment for the company. Here you can show your specific interest in the company and the position. It is also usual to attach the most important certificates and job references to the application.

    A "full standard application" usually includes the following documents:

    • Cover letter
    • Curriculum vitae (with application photo)
    • Copies of school and university certificates (preferably with (official) German translation)
    • Certificates of additional training or training measures
    • References from previous employers

    You should try to submit your cover letter and CV in German. Except something else is mentioned in the job advertisement. You will find detailed assistance on the subject of "Writing an application" in our checklists in the download area.

    The job interview

    If your written application is successful, you will be invited for an interview in the next step. This usually is conducted in German language.

    Don't be late for the interview, because punctuality is very important in Germany and a late appearance for a job interview is definitely not a good start. The dress code for job interviews depends on the respective industry, but it is rather conservative and the following usually applies: suit and tie for men, business clothing for women. You should avoid too much make-up, jewellery or perfume.

    Job interviews in Germany are usually quite formal. The interview begins with a greeting and handshake, followed by a few minutes of "small talk" before quickly moving on to the "formal part" of the interview.

    Being fit for the interview - the right preparation is the key

    Inform yourself well in advance about the company and if possible also about your interviewers. Prepare yourself for questions about your skills and experience. Answer all questions openly, honestly and politely. Show why you are qualified for the position and how you can contribute to the success of the company. Not every interview is the same. It is therefore impossible to be prepared for all eventualities. Nevertheless, there are certain questions that keep coming up. You should definitely have an answer ready for them. A selection of the frequently asked questions in the interview - including ideas for possible answers - can be found in the "Make it work! - WelKMU brochure for international students and graduates" in the download area.

    Think about your own questions

    Keep in mind that an interview should also give you the opportunity to get to know the company better and decide for yourself if the position suits you. At the end of the interview at the latest, you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions - you should definitely make use of this opportunity! Therefore, ask openly about operative structures and tasks, etc. This will enable you to obtain important information and at the same time prove your professional competence and motivation with the quality of the questions. However, you should not ask questions that you could have answered with the help of publicly accessible information sources.

    Practice the interview with friends or family

    Practice the interview in a role-playing game with a friend or family member. The more often you practice the interview, the more confident you will be in the real interview. Check whether you can give confident answers to all important questions. Especially the short presentation of yourself is nearly always asked for, so this is your time to shine and get in the flow of talking.  It is also helpful to record the conversation or to observe yourself in the mirror. Let your friends or family give you feedback and practice different situations.

    We wish you good luck and success with finding a great job in the Heilbronn-Franken region. If you should have any questions about this or other topics, please don’t hesitate to <link kontakt.html>contact us.


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