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    You come from abroad, are new to the Heilbronn-Franken region and looking for a job? Or you are still in your country of origin, but have plans to move to Germany and you would like to get more information about the job search in the Heilbronn-Franken region?

    In order to support you with your career start, we – the Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken together with our cooperation partners – are pleased to invite you to our Jobcafés. During these events, various aspects around working in Germany will be discussed. You will get practical tips and answers to your questions.


    Usually the Jobcafés take place in a relaxed atmosphere and are a place for personal exchange. However, due to the current pandemic situation this special edition will take place online via webinar. The online seminars are held in English.

    Previous events:

    Make it in Heilbronn-Franken - Making Plans about living and working in Germany
    February, 3rd 2021 I 5:00–7:00 pm (CET / UTC+1) I Online (zoom)

    Are you planning to come and live in Germany? Then you probably have some questions – Do I need a visa for Germany and if so, which kind of visa is the most appropriate? Do I need a recognition of my professional qualification or professional degree? How important is the German language to find a job ? How does the job search in Germany work ? In this online seminar we will give you an overview on all these questions and tell you more on how we can support you on your way to make it in Heilbronn-Franken.

    Input by Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken

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    Looking for a job
    February, 10th 2021 I 5:00–7:00 pm (CET / UTC+1) I Online (zoom)

    The Heilbronn-Franken region and its surrounding area has many interesting career opportunities
    to offer. But how do I find a job that suits me? Where can I search for job vacancies? What
    information can I find in the job advertisement? At this Jobcafé you will get tips for an effective
    job search.

    Input by Michaela Flick, Certified Translator, Trainer and Coach
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    Application process – up to date
    March, 3rd 2021 I 5:00–7:00 pm (CET / UTC+1) I Online (zoom)

    Cover letter and CV are the two core components of an application in Germany. In this Jobcafé you
    will get tips on what you should include in a cover letter, how to structure your CV and how you
    can attract the attention of employers with your application.

    Input by Michaela Flick, Certified Translator, Trainer and Coach

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    Job interview
    March, 17th I 5:00–7:00 pm (CET / UTC+1) I Online (zoom)

    In order to feel confident at a job interview, good preparation is very important. What are the
    typical questions asked during a job interview and which is the best way to answer them? These
    and other questions will be answered in this Jobcafé.

    Input by Michaela Flick, Certified Translator, Trainer and Coach

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    Presentation and communication skills // Get yourself prepared for virtual job fairs
    March, 31st I 5:00–7:00 pm (CET / UTC+1) I Online (zoom)

    Virtual job fairs are a good way to get in touch with companies and enhance your network.This online workshop is a valuable instrument to prepare yourself for a successfulperformance in a virtual job fair. What can I expect of a online fair in general? What do Ihave to be aware of in a virtual setting? How can I present myself in the best way? Youwill also learn about business etiquette ("Business Knigge"), which plays a very importantrole in this context. Interaction and practical experiments are the focus of this workshop.Therefore, be prepared to get actively involved. The number of participants for this workshopis limited.

    Input by: Janine Marielle Ruch, coach for communication, speaker and voice actor

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    You can join the Jobcafé webinars comfortably from home.

    //  Click below on the link of the event for which you want to register.
    //  After registration, you will receive the link for participation and further information.
    //  Technical requirements: a laptop/PC (alternatively tablet or smartphone) with a stable internet connection and functioning speakers, microphone and camera (optional).

    Participation in the Jobcafé is free of charge.

    Wirtschaftsregion Heilbronn-Franken GmbH assumes no liability for the use of the software of the external service provider Zoom. You can find the valid data protection guidelines of Zoom at zoom.us/de-de/privacy.html.

    When using Zoom for the first time, the access link leads to the download of a client program ("Zoom-launcher.exe"), which must be downloaded and executed or installed on your PC (recommended). If you want to avoid a download, click on the link "Join with your browser". Note: This option only works with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

    You find all informationen as well in our Jobcafé Flyer in the Download section.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:
    Phone: 0049 7131 3825 430
    E-Mail: j.heinnickel@heilbronn-franken.com

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