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    Offer of Support

    The Welcome Center Heilbronn-Franken supports:

    • International skilled workers and their families
    • Small- and medium-sized companies in the region that (want to) employ international skilled workers
    • Regional state authorities, institutions and organizations

    For international skilled workers

    We provide information on the topics of ...

    • Work, education, living and housing
    • Searching for a job and writing applications
    • Orientation on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications
    • Learning German Residence regulations
    • Regional offers and support programs

    For regional businesses

    We answer questions about ...

    • Acquisition of international skilled workers
    • Integration of international employees into the company
    • Legal framework and administrative processes
    • concerning residence permits
    • Current projects and support programs in the region

    The Welcome Center pools information and connects to the relevant contact person in the Heilbronn-Franken region. The individual counseling helps internationals to get started in the region and companies receive focused information on the acquisition and integration of international employees.



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