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    Heilbronn-Franken Region

    The region Heilbronn-Franken is in the north of the federal state Baden-Württemberg which is located in the south of Germany. To be more precise, it is in the north of Stuttgart between the Neckar river and the Main river. It is the largest surface area in Baden-Württemberg and consists of the administrative districts Heilbronn, Schwäbisch Hall, Hohenlohe and Main-Tauber.

    The region offers numerous rivers, lakes, forests and nature reserves which in turn enable a wide range of outdoor activities. A dense network of biking and hiking trails covers the entire region, which is characterized by beautiful valleys and mountain slopes lined with vineyards, idyllic towns and cities.

    Golf courses, museums, theaters, water parks, open-air performances, excellent gastronomy and vinotheques and many festivals turn Heilbronn-Franken into something unique. Discover Heilbronn-Franken!

    The following links inform you about events, leisure activities and cultural sights:

    Don´t hesitate to ask us for further information. We established a network with social clubs and clubs for leisure activities throughout the region.

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